The thirsty

Diameter: 610 mm
Suction power: up to 15m³ / h

Application areas:

  • leak test
  • irrigations
  • Washes
  • relaxation pools


The skim100 is a surface skimmer with a maximum flow rate of 15 m³ / h, this is particularly suitable for waxes, oils, greases, polymers and other floating contaminants on the water surface. By using the skim100, the water quality of the process water in, for example, car washes can be significantly improved and the service life of the water can be increased.

Due to the high suction power and a downstream filtration or separation, almost all impurities are removed from the water surface even in turbulent pools with high throughput.

The surface skimmer is used with a pump specially developed by Mundus Fluid AG, which is characterized by a long service life in continuous operation and dry-running protection.

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