Water disinfection system with circulation pump, backwash filter and integrated cleaning system in a washing system for constant reduction of the germ load.

m³ / h water flow
Cars / day


To ensure safe operation for customers and employees in car wash systems, the wash water must be continuously disinfected. The Mundus Fluid UV systems effectively kill Legionella and other bacteria and do so without the use of biocides. Another advantage of the Mundus disinfection systems is that, thanks to the patented design, even cloudy media with an FNU of <100 can be safely disinfected. 

INTEGRATION OF uv germination in the bypass

Flow diagram: water treatment in a washing plant

Durable components

All components are designed for durability and have been eliminated by weaknesses due to the continuous use by our customers.


There are long-term and live evaluations for various areas of application, which show the success of our systems.

security concept

Our disinfection systems are secured in such a way that our customer is immediately informed of malfunctions and can alert the trained service. The option of remote diagnosis is available on request.


Our nationwide service is fast and experienced. Both extensions and technical adjustments can be made quickly. We offer a service for our systems within 48 hours.