Areas of application in the automotive industry

The fields of application in the automotive industry are very diverse. For example, in automotive production, cathodic dip painting (KTL), leak testing as well as in car washes and hardeners large amounts of water used in circulatory systems. In order to produce in a resource-saving and therefore cost-efficient manner, this water must be reused for as long as possible. The water quality must remain the same over the entire service life with regard to the total number of germs, freedom from legionella and turbidity. The treatment of this process water poses great challenges for every user. With our systems, the total bacterial count can be kept constant at a low level, which means that in many cases the process water can be used for more than twice as long.

We have designed our disinfection systems to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry and can disinfect volume flows of up to 160 m³ / h. 

 You can find some example implementations via the following links: