Water treatment for swimming pools

Clean and hygienically clean water through the UV and ultrasonic water disinfection system for swimming pools of Mundus Fluid AG.
AquaSixLight DW 50 from Mundus Fluid AG

A new technology for water disinfection for swimming pools „without chemicals and ozone“.


Pools with hot water (> 20 ° C) provide perfect living conditions for microorganisms. Human contact contaminates the water with bacteria and nutrients.

In Germany operators of public pools are bound by law to treat and disinfect the water, in such a way that no risk of infection or the associated risk to health exists (<100 germs per ml).
The customary use of chlorine is harmful to the human organism. Its use results in unpleasant odors and allergic reactions. Side reaction products such as Trihalomethanes are undesirable to the human organism. Added to that, Legionella are under certain conditions not reliably killed by the Chlorine-containing solutions.


The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology provides the new possibility to disinfect pool water efficiently, environmentally friendly and reliably – without the use of chemicals.

Fields of Application

• Whirlpools
• Sauna plunge pool
• Therapeutic baths
• Swimming and thermal baths


• Environmentally friendly disinfection with a most minimal use of chemicals
• Reduction and saving of disinfectants
• Easy to use and highly reliable, with low maintenance intervals
• Low energy consumption with maximum efficiency