Water treatment for ships

Clean and hygienically clean water through the UV and ultrasonic drinking water disinfection system for ships.
AquaFourLight DW 10 from Mundus Fluid AG.

A novel technology for drinking water disinfection for ships “without chemicals and ozone”.


Up until now, the demand to offer clean and hygienic water on board of a ship has been achieved through high technical efforts and by the use of large amounts of chemicals. The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology offers a new, efficient way to disinfect water.

On cruise ships as well as ferries, yachts and catering ships, there are various tasks for water treatment, related to drinking water, process water, water for spa services and wastewater.


The MUNDUS FLUID™ technology is used as an efficient and cost-effective solution for effective disinfection.

Fields of Application

• Disinfection of fresh water tanks
• drinking water, and the removal of dangerous Legionella from hot water systems
• Swimming pool water treatment, waste water treatment
• Reduction of hazardous chemicals


• No change in the taste of water
• Environmentally friendly and low-noise
• Easy to operate and highly reliable with low maintenance intervals
• Low energy consumption with maximum efficiency

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