Water disinfection in hotels

Clean and hygienically clean water through the UV and ultrasonic drinking water disinfection system for Hotels.
AquaFourLight DW 10 from Mundus Fluid AG.

A new technology for drinking water disinfection for hospitals “without chemicals and ozone”.


Hygienic and safe water is top priority to ensure the satisfaction of your hotel guests. Its provision is crucial. There are various tasks water treatments in hotel facilities have to deal with.

In southern or tropical countries the disinfection and purification of water for the various fields of application are vital. Warmer temperatures boost the growth of pathogens in the water.

This extreme risk to health is not always properly addressed and conventionally solved by a strong chlorination of water. As a result the taste of the water is negatively affected. In addition, there is a risk of the formation of harmful substances such as Trichloromethane, Chlorite and other dangerous Chlorine compounds.


The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology provides new ways to efficiently, environmental friendly and safely disinfects water on site.

Fields of Application

• Disinfection of hot water (Legionella prevention) for oral and personal hygiene
• Disinfection of water for the food industry
• Disinfection of water for ice machines
• Water treatment for whirlpools, spas and swimming pools


• Reduced use of hazardous chemicals
• No negative affection of the taste of water
• Easy to use and highly reliable, with low maintenance intervals
• Low energy consumption with maximum efficiency