Water treatment for ETL plants

Disinfect the germline

Sonochemical water disinfection in microbial germs in ETL plants

Contamination in ETL plants can become a serious problem. High reject rates due to coating damage are often the result.
An effective method for germ control is sonochemical water disinfection, which combines ultraviolet light with ultrasound.

Water Disinfection and Electrophoretic Coating

“A characteristic feature of this process is that colloidal particles suspended in a liquid medium migrate under the influence of an electric field (electrophoresis) and are deposited onto an electrode.” (Wikipedia)
Before the substrate (chassis or body parts) is placed into a bath the metal surface is being cleaned in a ‘purge sector’. The purge water is usually being recycled. In order to keep the purge water disinfected either biozides or physical disinfection methods can be used.
The Mundus Fluid technology is able to disinfect large amounts of turbid water without adding any chemicals. Therefore it is very suitable to be applied in both, either cathodic electrodeposition or anodic electrodeposition systems.