Water treatment for car wash systems, bus and train

Clean and hygienic water through the UV and ultrasonic water disinfection system for car wash systems as well as for bus and train wash systems from Mundus Fluid AG.
AquaSixLight DW 50 i from Mundus Fluid AG

A new technology for water disinfection for car wash systems as well as for bus and train wash systems, “without chemicals and ozone”.


These washing facilities should feed not more than a maximum of 15 to 50 liters of freshwater, depending on the object size.

The disinfection facility has thus to bring down the caused contamination, turbidity, and odor into the legally permissible threshold values. The hereby caused high contamination, turbidity and odor have to comply with the legally permissible thresholds. Only with the MUNDUS FLUIDTM technology the German Ö-Norm B 5107 B can be met (> 100,000 CFU/ml).)


The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology provides a one-of-a-kind disinfection appliance which sterilizes wash water very efficiently and safely, even at high turbidity levels.

Fields of Application

• Disinfection of water (Legionella prevention)
• Disinfection of water and waste water with high turbidity
• Water treatment of 3 – 100 m3/h
• Treatment of wastewater and the elimination of antibiotics and other organic active pharmaceutical substances


• Optimal disinfection without either chemicals, Chlorine, or Ozone
• Easy to use and highly reliable, with low maintenance intervals
• Low energy consumption with maximum efficiency

Some of our customers:

Porsche Leipzig: www.porsche-leipzig.com