Water treatment for nursing homes

Clean and hygienically clean water through the UV and ultrasonic water treatment plant for nursing homes.
AquaFourLight DW 10 from Mundus Fluid AG.

A novel technology for drinking water disinfection for old people’s homes and nursing homes “without chemicals or ozone” – Clean and Hygienic Water.


In nursing homes and other medical facilities reliable hygiene is top priority to protect immunocompromised patients and staff against infections.

Legionella often leads to the fatal form of pneumonia. The bacterium is inhaled over the steam when taking a shower. The sterilization of water has been technically challenging and is related to significant costs.


The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology provides a new highly efficient and reliable way to sterilize water.

Endotoxins are particularly resistant and present a common problem in human medicine. The MUNDUS FLUID™ Technology reduces Endotoxins below the detection limit to 0.06 EU/ml (EU regulations for infusion solutions: 0.25 EU/ml.

Fields of Application

• Disinfection of hot water (Legionella prevention)
• Scalding prevention for water with temperatures of >45°C
• Disinfection of water for medical purposes
• Water treatment for spas
• Treatment of hospital wastewater and the elimination of antibiotics and other organic active pharmaceutical substances


• Optimal disinfection without either chemicals, Chlorine, or Ozone
• No negative affection of the water taste
• Easy to use and highly reliable, with low maintenance intervals
• Low energy consumption with maximum efficiency