Our training courses are aimed at operators of drinking water systems in hotels, schools, hospitals, water supply companies, bathing establishments, homes, restaurants, offices etc.

Sto the following target groups:

  • Operating personnel for drinking water systems
  • Specialist planner of drinking water systems
  • Specialist companies in sanitary engineering
  • Property owners, Landlord and property manager
  • samplers

Training according to category A - VDI 6023-1

Content on the amendment to the Drinking Water Ordinance, proper sampling and new microbiological methods are taught and the following topics are discussed in more detail:

  • Responsibility for drinking water systems
  • General notification requirements
  • Special notification requirements for central drinking water heating
  • information requirements
  • documentation requirements
  • General inspection requirements
  • Special inspection requirements for central drinking water heating
  • General liability risk
  • Public liability risk
  • Current limits
 After participating in the seminar on the Drinking Water Ordinance 2011, the participant receives a training certificate.