Room disinfection

Room disinfection

The Mundus Fluid UV disinfection systems are available with disinfection capacities from 40 m² to 80 m² and are used to disinfect hospital rooms, Production, work and storage rooms used without people staying.

Standard equipment:
– stainless steel case;
– 4 steerable and lockable 
– Protective grid prevents lamp breakage
- a deep one
Center of gravity prevents the device from tipping over
– absolute Personal safety with motion sensors automatic shutdown

Operation & Maintenance:
– Operation of the UV system takes place via a Siemens control module
– Mains plug in socket put
– Switch on the device and use the timer set the desired irradiation time
– Start button press and leave the room
– Status feedback after 
– You can change the lamp yourself

Our systems are characterized by their durability and optimized control.

We develop, design and manufacture our room disinfection systems in-house. This enables us to guarantee a high degree of flexibility, fast delivery times and the ability to adapt our systems to customer requirements.