In many cases, chemical disinfection no longer offers reliable germ reduction. Use over a longer period leads to the formation of so-called resistances, which no longer respond to the disinfectant used. These phenomena are currently occurring increasingly in human and veterinary medicine.
On an industrial scale, irradiation with light in the UV-C range is the most economical and sustainable physical process for reducing microorganisms in large quantities of water.

Our motivation is to establish modern water treatment in German industry that is not only more environmentally and people-friendly in the long term, but also more economical than that based on chemicals.

The Mundus Fluid AG can look back on many years of development and optimization work in the implementation of UV radiation in water.

We continuously research and develop new technologies for sustainable industrial water treatment and see ourselves as pioneers and guides in this area.


In conventional water treatment, chemicals that are harmful to health and hazardous are used as standard. As long as these remain in a closed system, the use may be justifiable and justifiable. However, as soon as they come into contact with people and the environment, the resulting pollution should be checked and the risks assessed. In the long term, the use of chemicals, in addition to an increased environmental impact, also results in a labor law matter if employees have been taking up hydrogen peroxide in the form of aerosols daily for many decades, as in the specific example “car wash”. When it comes to UV water disinfection, we do not use any harmful chemicals or ozone, and we disinfect large amounts of water in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


Just as we see it as a task to take responsibility for the environment, we also want to take responsibility for our employees. In addition to fair remuneration, we attach great importance to a healthy working atmosphere and equal opportunities. We see ourselves as a family and only together can we manage to implement our ambitious projects. If you are interested in a company that offers more than a boring "ninetofive" job and you are enthusiastic about a sustainable idea, send us yours canditature.